The project aims to cater to the educational needs of youngindividuals by offering e-learning opportunities to develop theirprofessional, entrepreneurial, and digital skills within the culturaland creative industries.

It utilizes creative and innovativetechnologies to accomplish this goal. The primary focus is reachingout to youth who have limited access to educational opportunitiesor are unemployed (NEETs).

However, the project is designed to beapplicable and beneficial to the broader youth populationinterested in pursuing education and employment in this specificfield.


Our journey has been marked by significant milestones and collaborative efforts. Over the past few months, the consortium has made considerable progress in developing and refining the educational materials essential to the EPICURIOUS project.

One of our key achievements has been the completion of the pilot phase for Work Package 2 (WP2). During this phase, we conducted real-world testing of our educational materials with selected youth and educators from our partner countries. This hands-on approach allowed us to gather valuable feedback and insights directly from our target audience.

We are also proud to announce that the EPICURIOUS Personalised Skills Wheel platform is now finished and ready to be tested. This innovative tool is designed to tailor educational experiences to individual needs and preferences, offering a unique approach to learning that allows users to identify and develop specific skills relevant to their interests within the cultural and creative industries.


Looking ahead, the EPICURIOUS consortium is preparing for the third Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) in Prague. This meeting will be a crucial opportunity to review the outcomes of the pilot phase, integrate the feedback received, and finalize the Entrepreneurship Skills Manual.

We are also excited to begin the development of the multilingual platform and plan for its final release after the piloting phase. This platform will provide access to our resources in multiple languages, ensuring broader accessibility and inclusivity. Additionally, the implementation of the open badges system is in progress, which will allow learners to validate their acquired skills and knowledge, adding significant value to their educational journey.

The Personalised Skills Wheel will enhance the overall educational experience by providing customized learning paths that ensure each learner can achieve their full potential.

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