First I.CE.A Mini Workshop on Green Entrepreneurship conducted in die Berater®

As part of the I.CE.A project that die Berater® is implementing alongside its seven international partners, the first Mini Workshop on Green Entrepreneurship was held in die Berater® on May 9th 2023. The workshop, which is an I.CE.A project result, also took place in the partner countries of the project – Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Luxembourg and Spain.

I.CE.A. – Investing on Circular Economy through Adults – aims to offer high quality learning and networking opportunities, responding to the needs of adults wishing to dynamically engage in circular economy activities. The project strives to create a bridge between green entrepreneurs and those who are yet to become ones. Social entrepreneurship signals the imperative to drive social change and the project aims to trigger and reinforce this change.

The projects main objectives are to up-skill and re-skill adults to explore innovative eco-opportunities, in order to stimulate innovation around the green economy and in that way battle unemployment; to build resilient communities by “going circular” and adopt and transfer practices and knowledge that can prevent environmental dismantling; to promote social entrepreneurship through its mini workshops that spark people’s interest in green economy and further develop their competences, triggering a positive avalanche effect for other individuals around the topic; and to develop digital tools that will support adults around their own circular and green ideas and practices. These tools aim to increase adults’ engagement and interaction with circular and green activities and practices.

The workshop conducted on May 9th holds a central role in achieving I.CE.A’s goals. Alongside an Interactive Map developed for users of all eight partner countries and fully available in all respective languages, another project result is the I.CE.A Toolkit on Green Entrepreneurship, which guides the Mini Workshops and supports adult educators through interactive and engaging learning material related to the topic of circular economy.

The main idea of the mini workshops is to genuinely create interest for the topic of circular economy and provide information, resources and backdrop for adults to rethink their own practices, imagine some brand-new ones, polish out a green idea they already had, or start planning a completely new business, activity or way of living. The first evaluation results of the workshop already show great results, with a lot of participants stating how they got inspired to implement an idea that came to mind before or during the workshop, and many were thrilled to learn about the potential hidden in circular economy and the circular practices close to them which they may not have through about or noticed before.

All in all, the I.CE.A partnership is satisfied with its first results and will continue to enthusiastically carry out the project. For more information on the I.CE.A project, please make sure to visit our website, and follow us on Facebook.


First I.CE.A Mini Workshop on Green Entrepreneurship conducted in die Berater®