What is PACE?

PACE (Project Actors Community in Europe) builds a Community of Practice for
European project actors with the aim of supporting each other by

  • collecting,
  • sharing,
  • updating,
  • further improving and
  • disseminating

existing tools for transnational project management.

PACE provides management and learning materials, tools, templates, checklists, methods etc. on

  • Planning, organising and  monitoring a project
  • Project administration (financial and contractual management, reporting)
  • Quality & Evaluation
  • Dissemination & Exploitation of project results
  • People Management (intercultural issues, communication, team building, networking, conflict management, competence development etc.)


PACE Platform

The PACE platform is a cloud-based solution which offers project management support tools making full use of multimedia, Social Media and mobile learning. The five thematic project management  areas addressed are:

  • Plan & Organise
  • Administer
  • Evaluate
  • Disseminate
  • Manage People


The platform offers:

  • Networking function
  • Authoring tools
  • e-Learning
  • Online conferencing tool
  • Links to other support tools

It will work as a one-stop shop for accessing useful project management tools and finding peer support to project challenges faced.

Coordinators and partner of the Lifelong Learning Programme and other EU-funded projects are invited to join the platform!



Plan & Organise

Good planning is essential to lay the foundation of a successful project. Planning is not only necessary in the application stage, but for all other phases of a project.

Join PACE and find simple and ready to use tools – starting with the effective planning of a kick off meeting; developing an analysis of project stakeholders or get your work packages planned in detail.

See some examples of PACE project management tools to support the planning process of your project.

Watch the latest PACE webinar on Gamification!



Plan and Organise – Examples

Here are some examples for supporting tools that can help you to plan and organise your EU project.

 Tool 1: Analysing tools in project planning – stakeholder analysis

 Tool 2: Intellectual Outputs



The administrative tasks demanded by the EU funding programme are felt to be a heavy burden by some project coordinators – but it should not give you sleepless nights!

During the last years a lot of useful tools have been developed by experienced project managers, which support the administrative, contractual and reporting management in a European project. They are all collected and put together in PACE.


Administer – Examples

Here are some examples for supporting tools that can help you to administer your EU project.

 Tool 1: Financial check list

 Tool 2: Financial Management test

 Tool 3: Be prepared for an audit



For the sustainability of project outcomes and results dissemination and exploitation are key elements in a multilateral project. But what is the best and most effective way to reach your target group? PACE offers a variety of well-established tools but also presents innovative concepts for the promotion and marketing of your project.


Disseminate – Examples

Here are some examples for supporting tools that can help you to disseminate your EU project.

 Tool 1: Dissemination Why?

 Tool 2: Dissemination strategy



Evaluation and Quality Control should be seen as a process linked to all aspects of your project. Evaluation is an opportunity for learning and improving your project performance! Measuring the impact and quality of projects is not easy, but it can be made easier with using the right methods and tools!

Watch the latest PACE webinar on Evaluation!



Evaluation – Examples

Here are some examples for supporting tools that can help you to evaluate your EU project.

 Tool 1: The concept of self evaluation


Manage People

Managing a team in a multilateral project can be a challenge. You have to build up an effective communication inside and outside your network, create and manage a team out of different persons with different professional and cultural backgrounds.
PACE will support you in forming a diverse group of people to an effective project team.


Manage People – Examples

Here are some examples for supporting tools that can help you to manage people working in your EU project.

Tool 2: Ice breakers



PACE Brochure

PACE Flyer


Who is PACE?

PACE is a cross-sectoral project funded by KA4 Programme consisting of experienced project actors. The PACE partners combine expertise from different fields, such as strategic planning, evaluation or dissemination of  European project management as well as software development and know how in e-Learning and mobile learning.


Project coordinator

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Project partners

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