Ambassadors for Mobility in Later Life

We’re pleased to announce the release of our third SASSI newsletter! This edition is dedicated to the initiative “Ambassadors for Mobility in Later Life,” aiming to emphasize the importance and benefits of mobility for individuals in later stages of life, with a special focus on SASSI’s online training.

The initiative aims to promote the advantages of mobility and work experience for career redirection and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) among older workers, retirees returning to work, and job seekers.

To support this initiative, SASSI has developed an Ambassadors’ Manual consisting of five chapters covering topics such as types of mobility, the role and competencies of an Ambassador, and practical aspects of mobility.

To assist prospective Ambassadors and older workers in finding the ideal mobility opportunity, SASSI has compiled a comprehensive list of organizations offering opportunities both within partner countries and across Europe.

This mobility database facilitates searches based on various criteria, including mobility type, country, duration, and age group. To create such an excellent online course, there has been a productive gathering in Vienna, bringing together a select group of participants from partner countries for a design thinking workshop. Throughout this session, they collaborated to explore innovative methods for exchanging ideas and experiences related to later-life careers.

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Ambassadors for Mobility in Later Life