Make your Project Shine

You produced valuable results in your EU project?

  • Well researched?
  • Tailored to identified needs of your target group?
  • Developed on the basis of the state of the art in your domain?
  • Taking on board transnational expertise and experience?

And still, the results are not really used by those they are designed for?

Maybe they just do not attract enough attention… But better watch this video:

The Survival Kit
As described in the video, here is an example how we can turn a traditional, text based project product into attractive multimedia formats.
In 2010, our Survival Kit, a project management handbook for project actors in the Lifelong Learning Programme was a PDF publication:


Today Chapter 4 could be an e-learning/mobile learning course with a short intro video, animated graphics or animated learning videos.
Here are some examples:

A screenshot from our learning platform:

An intro video from our Survival Kit:

An animated graphic from our Survival Kit:

An animated learning video from our Survival Kit:

Make your project shine and work with us as

  • Project partner
  • Consultant or
  • Sub-contracted media producer


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