Meet our partners

We are excited to introduce the partners collaborating on the EXTOR project, dedicated to supporting the sustainable development of rural areas through tourism and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Together, we aim to upskill rural entrepreneurs, reduce the outflow of people to urban areas, and create new communication, digital marketing, and networking channels. Our Partners: • LAND- learning actions for nature and development (Italy): Specializes in innovative project implementation and community-focused practices

• INFODEF- Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training (Spain): Drives research and innovation to tackle social and economic challenges

• Center for Social Innovation (Cyprus): Is a private and independent center for Research, Development, and Innovation

• Olympic Training (Greece): Provides vocational training and supports rural development initiatives

• Einurd (Iceland): Focuses on community development and educational innovation.

• READLAB BRUSSELS (Belgium): Experts in securing EU funding and project implementation

• die Berater (Austria): Leading consulting firm focused on education and professional development Together, we’re dedicated to sustainable changes in rural areas, fostering resilience and growth.

EXTOR – Meet our partners