Communication and integration in healthcare

With 80 participants from 12 countries we celebrated the end of our project Nursing on the Move at a final conference in Vienna called Health Care Communication in Intercultural Settings. From Challenge to Success, organised by Going International and supported by die Berater®.

The expert presentations and practical hands-on workshops underlined the two-fold communication challenge in present healthcare:

To communicate effectively with more and more patients who are not fluent in the native language of the health centre. This entails a need for new forms of language and communication learning offers, tailor-made to the health sector and its specific institutional and educational contexts.
On the other hand the growing number of healthcare staff coming from other countries, who need to be integrated in existing institutional structures and prepared for interaction with patients.

The project Nursing on the Move itself developed an e-learning platform for work-based learning in the health sector, which offers ready-made language and communication learning units for healthcare staff. It can now be accessed at

The project has been funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme.

Communication and integration in healthcare