We are now getting off to a full start with the SLACC project. SLACC deals with fake news and myths about climate change. Climate change is a topic that is very much concerning us right now, and yet there are people who do not want to accept such a reality. There are many rumors that climate change itself does not exist.
Now a consortium of 7 partners wants to prove to people the contrary. In this project, the focus is on an online platform and a mobile app in which there are various modules on the topic of climate change. The whole thing is combined in a playful way to make the content interactive and interesting for users.
Now we are in the process to develop a curriculum and based on the curriculum the modules will be defined. More information about this platform will be shared soon. Stay tunes for the project website where you can find more information about the different project outcomes and results.

Stop climate change rumors with SLACC