First I.CE.A Mini Workshop on Green Entrepreneurship conducted in die Berater®

Within the scope of the I.CE.A project, the very first Austrian mini workshop on green entrepreneurship was conducted on May 9th 2023 in the offices of die Berater® in Vienna. The workshop focused on introducing the I.CE.A project, presenting its project results – the Interactive Map on Circular Economy and the Toolkit on Green Entrepreneurship. Further, the participants got a chance to learn about the principles and workings of the circular economy and discover new ways of replacing our linear consumption patterns for more circular ones. The workshop also presented the participants with the chance to discover circular and green enterprises in their own country, and hear about examples of such from abroad. Finally, once familiarized with and immersed into the topic, the participants were able to develop and present their own green ideas, sparking the potential of circular economy. This engaging and fun day was also complimented by a short online visit from our Bulgarian partner, BRCCI, who discussed the state of circular economy in Bulgaria and further enriched all vibrant conversations taking place.


Austrian I.CE.A Mini Workshop on Green Entrepreneurship