Creative Change – More Creativity for EU-funded Projects

How do you bring more creativity into EU-funded projects? By learning from creative people! The EU project “Creative Change” combines person-centred methods from adult education and culture. Through exchange, we want to learn from each other and thus bring more innovation and creativity into our projects. Interested in ideas and inspiration? Join the Creative Change Space on Facebook!

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This is a place to connect, share, find good practices, and identify ideas to address challenges from an innovative & creative project management perspective.

What is The Creative Change Space?

This is one of the 3 project´s outputs which will result into a platform, a virtual environment for all those interested in learning and exploring innovative, and creative ways in project management. It will include learning resources as well as networking opportunities among EU-Project managers in the context of adult education.

Any suggestion or good practice to share?

Creative Change – More Creativity for EU-funded Projects