The range of digital teaching and learning materials, Open Educational Resources (OER) and knowledge nuggets is growing all the time.

Here’s a new podcast, here’s an interesting article, and here’s another interesting link that fits perfectly with the current course topic! This creates new challenges for trainers, teachers and educators. The more content there is, the harder it is to find, filter and organise relevant online resources for your own learning offers. In addition, the increasing digitalisation of learning and teaching leads to an urgent need for educators with digital literacy skills and experience in implementing collaborative learning strategies and supporting self-organised learning.

With the results of the now completed Erasmus+ project Cur8, learning and development professionals can increase the impact of their work. Collaborate, curate and make an impact! is the tagline of the Cur8 Learning Experience Platform. Here you will find contributions on the main topics of curating learning content and using new technologies for training. Content is available in English, Bulgarian, Swedish and German. The Cur8 Toolbox, which is integrated into the LXP, focuses on useful tools for trainers. Take part and find your new favourite tool!

Cur8: Learning topics for learning professionals