First Phase of Tutor “Research”: Desired, Existing & Upskilling


The initial phase, “Research,” is structured into three steps: “Desired,” “Existing,” and “Upskilling,” all aimed at gathering comprehensive insights into requirements for inclusion in schools.

Desired Insights: We took a look at the ambitions educators hold for inclusive teaching and tried to delve deeper into their long-term goals and desires, exploring their vision for creating an inclusive educational environment.

Existing State: We did further research to uncover the current state of affairs for both teachers and students, seeking to understand their perspectives of inclusive education what they consider important, and their current skills teaching.

Upskilling: At the moment, we are evaluating educators’ readiness to upskill in inclusive teaching and their attitudes toward inclusion. Therefore, we want to identify areas where further improvement is necessary.

To gather this vital information, we conducted diverse research activities: Desk Research, Focus Groups, Interviews, Consultation Talks and Online Surveys. How exactly we did this you can read in our next Post

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First Phase of Tutor “Research”: Desired, Existing & Upskilling