First Phase of Tutor Research- Desired Phase


What did we find out for the desired phase?


To promote the well-being of LGBTQ+ students, public spaces must be free from discrimination, homophobia, and transphobia.
To achieve this:

• LGBTQ+ students need someone, especially teachers, to confide in about LGBTQ+ issues.
• Openly LGBTQ+ teachers should be present.
• Teachers must actively address anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination.
• Schools should provide informative materials.
• LGBTQ+ topics should be openly discussed in the classroom.
• Raising awareness and establishing clear guidelines to combat discrimination are essential steps.

Inclusive education aims to make education more accessible and ensure equal learning experiences for all students.

To improve inclusive education:

• Increase awareness of diversity and inclusion through training.
• Provide information about minority groups, addressing historical discrimination.
• Incorporate systemic approaches into teaching methodology.
• Develop practical lessons rooted in real-life experiences.
• Educate teachers on guiding individual learning processes in a resource-oriented manner.

Improving Initial Teacher Education is very important to effectively implement inclusive education and address changing student demographics.
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First Phase of Tutor Research- Desired Phase