First Phase of Tutor Research: Upskilling needs + results Phase

We have now taken the final step in our research, namely to determine the need for teacher training in inclusive education.

For this, we have conducted a gap analysis by comparing our research results about the desired and the existing teacher skills, using the robust MAXQDA software.

In a first round, we generated three themes: training needs in terms of competencies, skills and understandings. Subsequently, we introduced a variety of subcodes within each theme. Finally, we detailed specific skills that are required.

In Austria, for example these were the most important skills that were categorised as requiring improvment:

• Recognizing the varied needs of students from diverse backgrounds
• Serving as role models by setting positive examples, connecting with students through personal narratives
• Developing a comprehensive awareness of diversity aspects
• Cultivating relevant conflict management and mediation skills
• Prioritizing self-care and implementing strategies for burnout prevention

We will soon be making the most important research results available for download on our website

# Stay tuned for more updates!



First Phase of Tutor Research: Upskilling needs + results Phase