MINDSET project results

Combating gaming disorder among youth

The MINDSET project wants to prepare youth organisations and youth workers to identify the early signs and prevent the development of gaming disorder among youth. Considering the reality involving gaming disorder, MINDSET has the following main objectives:

– Raise awareness about the negative eects of excessive gaming;
– Provide youth workers and youth organizations with the knowledge to recognise the signs of gaming disorder, distinguishing it from normal gaming behaviour;
– Equip youth workers with the tools to identify early signs and prevent gaming disorder;
– Promote the development of new policies for the identication and prevention of gaming disorder.

In order to achieve these objectives, the MINDSET project foresees the development and implementation of the following project results:

– A Handbook on Gaming Disorder for youth
– An Organisational change guide for youth organisations
– A Capacity Building Program and toolkit for youth workers
– A Self-Evaluation Questionnaire for youth – An Assessment questionnaire for youth workers
– Several Action Sheets
– An Experience Roadmap
– Policy Recommendations
– A Joint Staff Training
– A Publication “Preventing the Prevalence of Gaming Disorder Among Youth

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MINDSET project results