SASSI Awards 2017 seek good practice in age-sensitive approaches to Continuous Professional Development!

Across Europe demographic trends and labour market policies aimed at delaying retirement, are leading to an increase in the average age of the workforce. People are wanting to, or having to, work for longer than ever before. This is a cause for concern for both employers and older workers if skills, and therefore productivity and employability, deteriorate with age.

The goal of the SASSI project is to give people the opportunity to maintain a productive working life by focusing on the updating and upskilling of this ageing workforce. It seeks to identify evidence of good practice in terms of HR strategies and workforce development initiatives for older workers and learners from across Europe – highlighting these as exemplars for others. It also aims to provide Trainers and Employers with a range of skills, tools and techniques to help them support older learners and workers more effectively.

We are seeking submissions of innovative workforce development strategies that

  • maintain and improve the motivation and productivity of older workers;
  • enhance inclusion and age-diversity whilst supporting an organisational vision;
  • create positive organisational effects.

Who can apply:

HR and training departments or line managers of with people management responsibilities, or external support agencies

More information and online application:


SASSI Awards 2017