SLACC – Successful Pilot Implementation!

We have some news about our project „SLACC“. We have recently completed our piloting round, and it was a success! For the piloting implementation we had the privilege of working with 20 young people. Our objective was to address the climate change in a playful manner while also educating participants about the impact of fake news.

To bring them the information closer we used Moodle Peer-to-Peer Games. The teenagers were actively involved, motivated, and provided valuable feedback to further enhance the games. Not only did they acquire a deeper understanding of the climate change, but they also learned the importance of critically evaluating information and identifying fake news. Let’s work together to empower the younger generation to make informed decisions and actively contribute to the protection of our planet.

Climate change and the spread of fake news are challenges that we can only overcome collectively. Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more updates!


SLACC- Project news