What did we find out? – The existing state in Austria


The focus group stressed the importance of spreading awareness about the issue. This should be initiated and actively supported by the management, especially for colleagues less engaged in these matters.

The survey found room to improve teaching staff’s knowledge in inclusive education. Many have basic training, but there are gaps in attitudes and skills for diverse students. Educators are keen on further training, especially those familiar with inclusive education topics. Despite generally high self-ratings, there are opportunities for improvement.
The Interviews found discrepancies between inclusive education goals and their implementation in Austria.

Respondents suggest teacher training, practice changes, and support for teachers. Issues include inadequate education, time allocation, class size, cooperation, and addressing discrimination and social concerns. These changes are crucial for an inclusive education system.

In response, we’ve devised a strategic plan:

• Comprehensive Training Program: Address knowledge gaps, attitudes, and skills, and stay current with educational needs.

• Targeted Outreach: Raise awareness about inclusivity and diversity.

• Accurate Self-Assessment: Provide workshops and assessments for better skill understanding.

For a detailed explanation of how TUTOR plans to approach these challenges, please stay tuned for our upcoming post, or you can also visit our website for more information.

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What did we find out? – The existing state in Austria