Vocal in Need: Overcoming Comunication Barriers in Integration

The recent refugee crisis and increasing mobility between both EU member states and from other parts of the world poses a great challenge to security and agencies who are confronted with people with different cultural backgrounds and who don’t speak the local language. The VOCAL IN NEED project aims to bridge this linguistic and cultural gap by providing an online training and an App for smartphones to better interact with migrants and refugees in the following contexts:

  • Police offices, border control
  • Shelters / residential centres for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Agencies that provide training, employment or other services for migrants and refugees
    At present we are trying to identify the most common and important activities and scenarios which result in communication issues between you and our target groups.

For this purpose we created two online surveys:

If you belong to any of the above-mentioned professional Groups we would be very grateful if you participated in the surves and/or forwardes these links to relevant colleagues and organisations.

To fill in one of the questionnaires will only take a few minutes. Thank you so much!

Vocal in Need: Overcoming Comunication Barriers in Integration