Embracing Inclusivity in Teacher Education – 3 parts of TUTOR

In our mission to promote an inclusive education, we focus on three key student groups:

The aim of TUTOR is to support the inclusion of students by helping to create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment and upskilling teachers.

To achieve optimal outcomes, we have organised our project into three dynamic parts. This is how we bring our vision to life: Part 1: Research (project year1)

In Part 1, we investigate the current state of inclusive education. Our goal is to really understand how things are right now, find the places where we can make them better, and figure out what needs to change. This phase is like the starting point of our project, giving us a solid foundation. With this knowledge, we can clearly see where things need to get better, and we can define a forward looking upskilling-strategy for teachers.

Part 2: Development (project year2) Part 2 is where ideas take shape. With the knowledge gained from our research, we get to work on the enhancement of teacher knowledge, resources and skills. Our experts will develop innovative strategies, curricula, and resources that empower educators to embrace inclusivity. This phase is about turning theory into transformative action.

Part 3: Implementation (project year3) In Part 3, we put our solutions into practice. We work hand in hand with educational institutions, teachers, and stakeholders to embed inclusivity into secondary teacher education programmes. This is the phase where we bring our vision to life, training teachers in inclusive education. If you want to know more, you can check out our website


Embracing Inclusivity in Teacher Education – 3 parts of TUTOR