Embracing Inclusivity in Teacher Education – Key student groups of TUTOR

In our mission to promote an inclusive education, we focus on three key student groups:

• Students from the LGBTQI+ community:
LGBTQI+ students bring rich perspectives and experiences that enhance our learning community. We’re committed to creating an environment of acceptance, providing safe spaces, and supporting our LGBTQI+ youth, ensuring their success both academically and personally.

• Students with migrant/refugee background and from ethnic minorities:
We think that diversity enriches education. Our project helps with cultural blending, language learning, and provides assistance to migrant and refugee students. We want to open up chances for these young individuals.

• Students facing socio-economic disadvantages:
Every student should have equal chances to succeed. We aim to promote assistance and creating a supportive environment to help students facing socio-economic disadvantages, overcome challenges and achieve their academic and life goals.

Our aim is to support the inclusion of these students by helping to create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment, with an intersectional view of the disadvantages they often currently face.
Join us on this exciting journey of promoting inclusivity. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our students and beyond!
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Embracing Inclusivity in Teacher Education – Key student groups of TUTOR