First Call of the New Erasmus+ Programme Imminent – Let’s Get Started!

We are still waiting for the first call for proposals of the new Erasmus+ programme 2021-2027 being published. It is expected for the end of this month. The period for project writing will be short, so a lot of projects proposals have already started to be prepared.

With many of you we have successfully cooperated in previous programme periods and do hope to continue our cooperation in the new Erasmus+ programme. And with many other recipients of our newsletter we would like to start working together.

We are keen on discussing with you new project proposals, especially around our thematic priorities (cf. also our profile):

  • Innovative responses to digital transformation
  • Learning and working for sustainability
  • Taking everybody on board
  • Caring for the older generations
  • Opening up opportunities for young people
  • Unfolding human potentials
  • Safeguarding health, integrity and wellbeing



For more information on our activities in these areas please have a look at our profile.

And in the next few weeks, we will send you more details about our seven priorities.

We will also bring into any Erasmus project our wide experience in strategic project development, transnational project management, communication and dissemination, as well as our MediaCompetence department’s know how with regard to online learning, content creation or gamification.

All topics mentioned above play important roles in Erasmus. And of course also in other funding programmes we will also be active in: Horizon Europe, the Interreg programmes, AMF, ESF, Rights and Values, Creative Europe…

Let’s start the new EU funding period with exciting projects together! Get in touch with us!



First Call of the New Erasmus+ Programme Imminent – Let’s Get Started!